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  • Understanding the concept of fossil, its formation process and the different types of fossils.
  • Connecting the fossils with the living beings. Understanding their importance to reconstruct the natural history of our planet.
  • Encouraging the use of fossil casts promoting advocacy on Geodiversity.

Age: 1º and 3º cycle of Primary (6-8 years old and 10-12 years old) – Duration60 min – Groups25-30 student – MonitorsTwo geologists specialized in Paleontology.


MaterialSilicone moulds, plaster, natural pigments, casts and original fossils, natural elements, teaching materials for teachers.

MethodologyA combination of passive and active methodology is used.

Description: In the first part of the workshop the students understand the concept of fossil. Then, they make fossil casts of different fossils using silicone moulds and plaster. At the end of the activity, the pieces are removed from the mould, and every student takes their own fossil cast. While the plaster sets, two complementary activities are carried out. The activity for the first cycle of Primary teaches the distinction between fossil and other natural elements, as well as vertebrates and invertebrates. In the third cycle activity, the students identify the fossils, introducing notions of the binomial nomenclature system. In the second part of the workshop, the concept of geological time is introduced through a practical exercise.


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